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Saturday, 29 June 2052 - Disclaimer ☆ 12:00 am

Since I've converted this space into another fangirling platform,

Yay! :)

Tuesday, 30 September 2014 - 미치거 아니야? ☆ 1:25 am
Yayyyy, finally reached home after 12 days since its released lol Ahaha. 
First purchase off yesasia.com, free delivery some more, cos the album's cost >USD39 lol! After all those unnecessary worries, yesyes it finally came home!! Even though it took um, quite some time to come home, it was worth the wait


The album is predominantly NEON P I N K  AND B L A C K! Omg sooooo pretty yayyy! ♡♡♡

I got the GRAND Edition instead of the normal edition lol cos I just had to. The 100 page photobook lol was okay onlyyy, not that fantastic but owells, I couldn't risk not getting it and also cos GRAND Edition sounds more grand and better, so why not right? Lol I spent about 2usd? less cos I didn't choose the album with poster option LOL come onnnn stop rolling yer eyes, this is something that is also commendable okkkk. Lol

Anyways, I'm Lovin' allllll the things pack in the album box! 
The contrasting colours that match so well, the box, the CDs, 
the photobooks, 

 the neon pink translucent case with 2PM signatures on it,  
the individual members postcard-sized photocards with members signature and message behind each card,  the table top standee for the group picture and the photos inside the photobook. 

And while flipping the photobook, I saw this photo and I really laughed out loud LOL
OkTaec Oppaaaaa what chu doing ahahaha 

Oh there were members' messages inside one of the book under the "Thanks to" section.

My heartttttttt went crraazzyy after reading all their "Thanks to" messages ㅠㅠㅠㅠ it's like suddenly all the feels for oppas suddenly came gushing back at me ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

사랑하는 오빠들, 고맙고 고마워요 ♡♡ 항상 투피엠을 응원하고 있기 때문에 걱정마세요.. 우리는 언제나 같이 갑시다. 오래 오래 가자! ♡♡ 사랑합니다 2PM오빠들... 민준이 오빠,  닉쿤 오빠, 택연 오빠, 우영이 오빠, 준호 오빠, 찬성이 오빠...
사랑하고 더 사랑해요 


Thursday, 4 September 2014 - It seems like it's all predestined ☆ 1:25 am
                 W O O Y O U N G
          T A E C Y E O N
             N I C H K H U N
  C H A N S U N G
       J U N H O
   J U N K A Y
           2 P N\
Yup, this must be fate

Even though I may not be there since the very beginning, but you can always count on me till the very end. I have chosen this life and we will walk down this path together. Happy 6th Year, 2PM. Keep being true to your music and most importantly, be true to yourselves. Enjoy what you do, and do what you love. I'll always have your back! And so

We don't stop, we can't stop until we reach the top!


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